Use of this website implies that all the terms and conditions in regards to orders placed, order placement and other issues concerning
orders, as outlined in the FAQ sections of our website have been accepted and agreed to.
It is understood that an order, once it has been submitted and subsequently processed, cannot be cancelled. Should it under some
circumstances, be agreed by Inner Circle Toys to cancel an order, cancellation charges and fees as there might be, would be deducted
from the submitted payment before a refund is issued or a charge back made to the card used for payment submission. Such charges
and fees as there might be, are clearly displayed in the appropriate sections of the FAQ pages of this site.
All fees, charges and prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Should after an order be placed and there be need to make changes to the order, be it changes to colours, fabrics, styles, sizes or any
other aspect, Inner Circle Toys reserves the right to charge additional fees and incidental charges dependant on the level and depth of
such changes as ascertained by Inner Circle Toys, It is accepted that all such charges will be duly ascertained by Inner Circle Toys and
charged to the order account as necessary prior to incorporating such changes to the items in the order. Inner Circle Toys however will
try its best to keep such charges as low as possible depending on the level of changes required to an order already placed.

The policy is No Refunds or Returns: There are no refunds or exchanges on custom made garments, fabrics or other materials once
they are purchased on your behalf. Once garments leave our facility, all business is completed. Custom garments result from a service
and are therefore not returnable and not refundable.
If an order is cancelled prior to purchasing any items, a refund will be issues via company check. Refunds can take up to 30 days to
process and issued there of.
Penalty Fee's
Custom clothing and custom sculpting, is a binding contract between Inner Circle Toys and the customer or client. If contract is
established and broken prior to completion of work, due to customer cancellation or the inability to pay the total bill prior to completion,
a penalty fee may apply as such.

50% of the total bill will be accessed as penalty fees in order to cover the cost of manpower hours, as well as materials. Although all
seamstress and sculptors are employee's of Inner Circle Toys, they are contracted employees that are paid by the job. So all penalty
fees and late fees, are applied to cover said cost.
So please once a binding contract is established between said customer and Inner Circle Toys, it must be paid in full or paid by the
standing contract established by Inner Circle Toys and the client to avoid said penalty fees.

Payments for custom work can be done via Cashiers Check, and or Money order. Final payment can be made via Credit Card or
Paypal, if option is available.
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