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Custom Work For your Personal
Do you do custom sculpts?

Yes we create custom sculpts, for your own personal
collection based off information and or pictures provided by
the customer.

Can I have one of the sculpts in your portfolio?

The heads in the custom portfolio and sculpts section are the
property of various companies not Inner Circle Toys. They are
simply examples to demonstrate to you the range, skill and
detail that are produced by our sculptors and seamstress.

How much does it cost for a sculpt to be made?

Depending on what you need done, sculpting work starts off
at a base rate, the more detail needed, can vary the price. For
more information on pricing please  Contact one of our sales
reps for more information on the
contact us page.

Time Frame

Depending on the detail of the work, the time frame can vary,
especially during the holiday season.

Sculpting work
4-9 weeks (can take longer depending on the detail of work
and if during the holiday season)

On all estimates, if further work is needed on a project or
projects, based on the normal allotment of time, 1 -2 weeks
will be added to the original estimate per customer request for

Engraving Metal  die struck work
Please call for estimate. 209-227-7056
Custom Metal work= Min 100 pieces 3 weeks time frame
Can I have a Custom Doll made?

Of course you can from start to finish, we customize dolls from
head to toe. Tell us what you want your doll to look like, from
proportions, points of articulations, facial features and hair.
The sky's the limit when it comes to creativity.
we'll handle the 3d art work needed unless you have your
own, the electro plating and all other functions needed in
order to get your project going.
Can you Mass Produce work for us
Yes we can. When purchasing in bulk your cost will be
significantly lower than purchasing a single piece
. Please
note for mass production, all proper paperwork such as
rights and or legal holding to products that you are
requesting to have mass produced must be presented
to Inner Circle Toys prior to any mass production of
garments, sculpting, and or products of any type.

Custom clothing min 50 pieces
Custom Head sculpts min 100 pieces
Custom metal work 100 pieces min
A Basic custom outfit design can starts as low as  $50.00 to $200.00
Business Customers (only)
bulk pricing with a established account with ICT MFG can be significantly lower
(bulk pieces start at 100pc-10000pc pricing can start as low as $1.00 a item for
custom clothing, bears, Household materials)
For more information please fill out a request form

Does the choice of fabric matter in the cost?

Fabrics doesn't matter, but when it comes to creating a design, to insure the proper
texture, and weight that you are looking for. We can special order fabrics or sample
textiling for the order, and send sample fabric swatches to you  ahead of time so that you
are aware what  the outfit will be made of. If a suitable fabric or pattern design  is not found
for the customers project the customer will be instructed that he will need to provide the
fabric necessary.

When you say amount of detail, what do you mean?

The sky's the limit, with any design, you may want inside lining, cording, silk screening,
embroidery, hand stitching, speciality textiles fabric for your outfit. Special printing on the
outfit, metal badges, resin badges, eyelets, gemmed buttons, shanks, patches,
airbrushing. These are all details that can be added to your garment. We never think small
when doing something custom. It can be whatever you want it to be.
Please understand that the level of detail can or can not effect the original estimated time
given to any particular garment.

What is the time frame?

On one basic single design it can take up to 2-4 weeks
On Multiple designs from 3-50 pieces 4-12 weeks
(once designs have been approved,
samples received and the customer signs off on the proto type.)

On pieces of 100-500 or more it can take up to 60 days- 120 days, once all swatches and
approvals to move forward has been done.

If any changes are needed please add 1-2 weeks onto original estimate.
It is the policy of Inner Circle Toys to inform the customer if more time is needed or
going to be added to the original estimated time to complete the project. It is also
Inner Circle Toys Policy to inform the customer if outside sources are needed to
purchase any particular item in order to complete their project.

If a outside source is need to purchase any particular item in order to complete
your garment, this two may effect the original estimate time given from start to
finish to complete your garment.

If you need more information please feel free to contact us for details.

Adult Clothing? What can you do for me?

We custom make suit's, dress, Silkscreen t-shirts, and costumes. Want to be your favorite
super hero or dress like  movie star? Let ICT Mfg, take care of that for you.
Contact us,
we're here for you
Cancellations and Returns on Custom work

The policy is No Refunds or Returns: There are no refunds or exchanges on custom made garments, doll clothing, fabrics or other materials (sculpting and or
metal work included) once they are purchased or created on your behalf. Once garments or sculpts and or metal work leave our facility, all business is completed.
Custom garments result from a service and are therefore not returnable and not refundable. For more information on fess that can apply for canceling an order
see below.

Penalty Fee's
Custom clothing and custom sculpting, is a binding contract between Inner Circle Toys and the customer or client. If contract is established and broken prior to
completion of work, due to customer cancellation or the inability to pay the total bill prior to completion, a penalty fee may apply as such.

50% of the total bill will be accessed as penalty fees in order to cover the cost of manpower hours, as well as materials. Although all seamstress and sculptors are
employee's of Inner Circle Toys, they are contracted employees that are paid by the job. So all penalty fees and late fees, are applied to cover said cost.
So please once a binding contract is established between said customer and Inner Circle Toys, it must be paid in full or paid by the standing contract established
by Inner Circle Toys and the client to avoid said penalty fees.
If a refund is given after all penalty fees have been adjusted a refund will be submitted and sent to the customer within 30 business days.
Custom Work Payments accepted and payment options

All custom work to be created must be paid by Money Order, Cashiers Check or Personal Check If over $150.00
We do not accept Paypal as a form of payment on custom orders

Payment plans are also available for any order over $300.00.

Custom Sculpting work

50% Minimum down to start the work, finial payment is due upon completion.

Custom Sewing

Anything over $100.00, a 50% Down deposit is needed, which covers all material needed to start the work to be done. Final payment
is due at time of completion.
NOTE:These are estimated time frames, they
can vary during certain parts of the year.
payment is made
via personal check,
there is a 5-7
business day
clearance policy for
in state checks,
clearance for out of
state checks.
merchandise will be
shipped until
payment has
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